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The plant of CARVATECH Karosserie & Kabinenbau GmbH comprises a total of over 5500 sq.m. of covered floor space. The complete site occupies 39000 sq.m.

A process of continuous modernization has been ongoing since 2001. In 2003 a new office building was constructed on the principle of "close to production, close to the product".

Following a substantial investment in a new paint shop, CARVATECH products are now available in a painted finish to automotive engineering standards.
A 16-meter spray painting booth is used to paint tramway and funicular cars and complete trucks.

The production plant is organized on the basis of the gemba principle, which has proven successful worldwide in modern manufacturing. The word comes from the Japanese and means "real place", where the real action takes place. The principle involves close study of all processes, the professional setting of objectives and the correct choice of measures; it leads to decisive improvements in quality, manufacturing costs, production times and overall plant performance.


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