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The CARVATECH strategy is based on three pillars: innovation, design and safety.

Innovation is the result of our passion for continous improvement in terms of products, processes and organization.

CARVATECH turns design into attractive products in collaboration with industrial designers of international standing. CARVATECH is a production plant for visions and emotions. 
With its conceptual approach and innovative thinking CARVATECH creates convincing solutions, from the initial design proposal to the final product, based on a combination of customer philosophy and design strategy. 

Safety has the highest priority for all passenger transport systems at CARVATECH. The company works on the basis of documented processes, FMEA and safety analysis. 

As the key to further growth, CARVATECH is now confronting the challenge of thinking globally and acting locally to provide system solutions for passenger transportation needs worldwide. 

In the framework of the CARVATECH corporate strategy, the conditions have been created to provide an even stronger individual response to customer requirements on all continents of the world. With its advanced technologies, CARVATECH is in a position to offer users solutions to the very highest standards. 

We see our role as that of a combined product developer and manufacturer offering one-stop shopping over the complete production chain: creative process, conceptualization, development, process capability, production.


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CARVATECH has a high level of competence in product, process and tooling development. Our aim is not only to lead the way at the technological level but also with regard to cost-effectiveness. 

We see ourselves as an active and constant development partner for all customers. Through early involvement in product development in the form of simultaneous engineering, we are also able to play a development role in terms of technology. That leaves us fully integrated in our customers' processes so that their objectives become our objectives, too.

It is our policy to make targeted use of resources in fields where we can establish ourselves and consolidate our position as technological market leaders and cost leaders. It is our aim to set new standards on the marketplace and outdo the competition in terms of both product quality and intensive customer care.

The company's employees are proud and active representatives of CARVATECH and have a high level of identification with the company's goals. This motivated mindset is the key to a continuous quest for process enhancement.