Up to the most beautiful place in Austria

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The completely renovated Lünersee cable car leads to one of the most beautiful reservoirs in the eastern Alps and has been in operation since summer 2020 after less than one year of construction.

Modernization of the aerial tramway cabins

The Lünersee cable car began operation about 60 years ago and since then it has been bringing hikers and nature lovers to one of the most beautiful places in the Alps, the turquoise-blue Lünersee in the Rätikon. After the old permit was about to expire, it was decided a year ago to go ahead with a full renovation of the aerial tramway. After less than a year of construction, the NEW Lünersee cable car was able to go into operation in summer 2020.

“Thanks to the re-design of the Lünersee cable car, the most modern cable car technology could now be implemented. It was exciting to build on something old and modernize it in a sustainable way,” explains Carvatech managing director Ing. Robert Vockenhuber, satisfied with the project.

Breathtaking view through the floor

The cabin now has a total capacity of 65 passengers, considerably more than before. Up to 475 people per hour can now travel the 900-meter long and 411-meter high route. The two windows embedded in the floor provide a breathtaking view during the ride. Electromechanical sliding doors on both sides, safety glazing in tempered glass, a special anti-slip covering, and comfortable folding benches provide both safety and comfort.

Cabin equipment

  • electromechanical 2-panel sliding doors on both sides
  • Safety glazing in tempered glass
  • Floor: Special anti-slip coating
  • Optimized forced ventilation
  • Folding benches
  • Cabin layout for underload and long goods transport
  • Special equipment: two windows embedded in the floor

Modernized aerial tramway cabin

Cabin for 65 people and breathtaking view through the windows in the floor