A “new landmark” for Japan

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Some people refer to it as “Japan’s new landmark,” while others refer to it as the country’s most impressive cable car: The new double-decker aerial tramway, which runs from the Shinhotaka Onsen valley station to the Nishihotakaguchi mountain station, covering more than 1,000 meters in altitude.

Double-decker aerial tramway cabins

A total of 104 passengers can ride on the two decks and state-of-the-art electrical and technical equipment ensures entertainment and passenger safety. Carvatech was responsible for the modernization of the cable car and the development of the new double-decker cabins.

The cable car travels up the Hotaka Mountain range at 2,156 m above sea level, which belongs to what’s known as the northern Japanese Alps. During the trip, passengers can enjoy an impressive view of the Okuhida region, which is located almost 300 kilometers west of Tokyo and is known for its abundant natural beauty.

“The task was not only to develop a modern cable car with state-of-the-art technology and safety. It was also important to us to offer the passengers, in the truest sense of the word, a double experience on their way up and down. Specifically, to be able to admire the beauty of nature on the one hand and on the other to experience the adventure of riding in a double-decker over the mountains,” explains Carvatech managing director Ing. Robert Vockenhuber.

The two decks can be boarded separately at the stations and each holds 52 people plus the car attendant. Passengers are let in through electromechanical sliding doors, the carriages have tempered glass safety glazing including heating, and the floors have a special anti-slip coating. Several folding benches offer comfort; an infotainment system with flat screens provides passengers with information in several languages during their ride. There is also LED lighting for light effects in rainbow colors integrated into the side walls at parapet height.

Cabin equipment
  • 52 people per cabin deck, the car attendant is on the lower deck
  • electromechanical 2-panel sliding doors, one-sided
  • Entry and exit from the upper or lower deck of the vehicle takes place separately at the stations
  • Safety glazing in tempered glass including heating
  • Floor: Special anti-slip coating
  • Optimized forced ventilation
  • Foldable benches
  • Infotainment system with 4 monitors on each cabin deck
  • Integrated LED lighting enables light effects in rainbow colors
Aerial tramway with double-decker vehicles

Shinhotaka Ropeway: A spectacular aerial tramway with double-decker vehicles

Aerial Tramway Shinhotaka

The upper and lower decks of the aerial tramway cabin each offer space for 52 passengers